Monday, November 17, 2008

Shutter Speed

I'm reading a great book called "Understanding Shutter Speed" by Bryan Peterson. I've really come to appreciate the art of "slowing down". Most photographers focus on razor-sharp images of action filled subjects, which I think is cool. However, slowing down a little bit can really make a capture unique and express motion like no other. This was shot at 1/5s at 800iso. Love this pic.

Experimenting w/ B&W

I know some people may look at this picture and think "Cool, a wood railing." Kind of fun to think outside the box sometimes though...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Boys!

Here's my first attempt at portraits. The boys were very cooperative even though it was kind of chilly. Thanks for some photoshop tips from a friend - they turned out pretty good. Mo was very happy with them - that's all that matters, right? A little side note. Max took the most photoshop work. He's probably more like me - chocolate on cheak, something in teeth, on shirt, boogies, etc... but thanks to Photoshop you'd never know :)

Test Ride the New Turb

While on a snowmobile test run we were fortunate to come across this BEAUTIFUL GSL sunset!

A Very Early First Snow

A little macro photography with a flower and snow combination

Davis County Buck

Here's a buck my bro shot - I found it for him (he thinks differently) Great looking buck though!

GSL Sunset -

Light's out

This was taken above Centerville during a hunt. 1st shot is a 5 sec exposure and second is 15.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Favorite Pics

A few of my favorites! More luck than anything :)

My Equipment

My equipment

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I'm an amateur photographer who loves adventure and capturing the scenery and beauty that comes along with it.