Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wildlife Weekend

It was interesting watching this woodpecker. He would peck at this tree and take what he found home to his babies. Not sure if it was bugs, sap or bark. I never saw the babies, but I sure heard them.

We ran into this billy near the cliffs at Lightning Ridge. We were actually spotting another goat when we heard some rocks rolling around. We peaked our heads over the edge and found this guy in a perfect pose for us. Truely amazing animals.

My 3 year old Max actually found this deer and I was able to put the sneek on and get 20 yrds away. You would have thought I was in Yellowstone. I forgot to change ISO from the night before so it's a lot higher than it should have been but I still like the lighting and catch light in her eye.

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Ricky said...

Dude, bomber photos!! quite the weekend of critters. You had a sweet angle on that goat, and the deer is awesome.