Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Buddy the Dragon Fly

Some backyard fun with my buddy the dragon fly. He warmed up to me for a while and posed in the perfect place. I took started snapping and would inch closer. When I got too close he would fly away, but only for a second and then fly back to the exact same place. Sure made it easy for me.

f14 1/50 iso400 micro 105mm - handheld.

dragon flywm

dragon fly2wm


brant said...

Awesome Shot!

Joey and Nettifer said...

SO I totally thought you were in my reader the whole time. In my mind I thought you had stopped posting to this site! Sorry! Love your pictures. Just spent the last 30 mintues admiring and drowling over all your pic! Love it! You are so amazing! I am so glad we got you to do our family pictures! wow! I need some lessons!
I can't wait to show Madelyn this picture. She LOVES dragonflies!