Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Alive...

It's 8:00 pm and the kids are down! Miss Mo calls and says shes going to be late with a dance solo. Hmmmmmmm What to do, what to do. PERFECT! I'll set up a photo shoot for my son's goldfish! I'm sad to say we started with 2 fish and the first one didn't last 3 days. He started turning black and the poor critter went belly up. When he passed, I googled his mysterious death. I wanted to know why he died, turns out gold fish just don't live very long and this little guy had some kind of ammonia burns - ya, ouch. Mr Fish number 2 seems as healthy as ever, and I take good care of him. Since Miss Mo doesn't allow pets in our home (with the exception to a harmless goldfish - which I have to tend), I am bound and determined to make this fish last. Mr Fish cooperated and I was able to dust of the macro 105mm set at f3.5. I know, get a life, right???





Joey and Nettifer said...

those images are awesome and such detail in the last one you can see every single scale! Wow!
Glad to know the little guy is still alive. Ours are too! I didn't know Mo didn't like animals that much! hilarious!

foxie4 said...

Matt you are funny!! And you take amazing pics I am in the process of getting Light room so Ill have you come show me more!!

Ricky Bangerter said...

That's some funny crap, Love the macro, soon it will be bug hunting season and i'll have to dust off the macro too.

Mike, Jules, Gabee and Izee said...

LOL Matty, you crack me up!! Remember when you first moved in and had your beautiful doggy "once in a while"!! AHH Those were the good old days :) I haven't seen your dog for YEARS!!! Still healthy and kicking? (Reeta is always available for adoption, if Mo changes her mind. I've been trying to get rid of her since the first hour we adopted her!-smile)


TEAM VOXX said...

get a clue to the world