Sunday, April 17, 2011

Powder Mountain Hill Climb

I jetted up to Powder Mountain Saturday to try to take in some of the snowmobile hill climb competition. I wasn't there as long as I would have liked to have been due to the SL 1/2 Marathon I ran in the morning, nor was I prepared as I should have been (one 4 gig card - c'mon) but I was able to pick a spot and get some fun captures of some professional riders. Here are some of my favorites...

This is Keith Curtis, #711. He is Polaris's new allstar and let me tell you a very classy, down to earth guy. I got to talk to him a bit after the rounds and was impressed with his humbleness and attitude.









Well, the above were my favorites. Too see a ton more click here...


Ricky Bangerter said...

Nice light! you lucked out with that! Keith's quite the rockstar, Wish i could have stayed....oh well. I like what you did in post.

nick said...


Bellblogging said...

Awesome pics! When I ride a snowmobile like that will you take pictures?? Thanks! Love the boys and the fish! UR awesome!